My personal bookshelf

Here is a list of books I’m reading and what I think about them. Maybe it will spark up conversations or inspire you to read up on some of these. Or maybe you can suggest books you think I might like.


  1. Sérotonine (2019), M. Houellebecq
  2. Payer moins d'impôts pour les nuls (2019), R. Matthieu
  3. Reinventing Organizations (2014), F. Laloux
  4. Deep Work (2016), C. Newport
  5. La monnaie et ses mécanismes (1971), P. Berger


  1. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck (2016), M. Manson
  2. Never Split The Difference (2016), C. Voss
  3. ReWork (2010), J. Fried
  4. Remote (2013), D. H. Hansson
  5. The Lean Startup (2011), E. Ries
  6. L'Appel, 1940-1942 (1954), C. de Gaulle