L'Appel, 1940-1942 (1954), C. de Gaulle

Interesting to read about Charles de Gaulle from the man himself. Nowadays, French politicians like to say they are “gaulliste” but after reading this book, I feel like most of these politicians are miles away from the difficulties Charles de Gaulle had to fight with.

What also strucks me is how little the English people seemed to care about the war next door. The General says they were living on life like normal. But then again, we French people keep on living like normal even though countries near by are also in wars.

One more thing I find interesting is the role of the colonized territories in the fight against Nazi Germany. Basically, without colonization, it seems like there would no France as we know it today. It looks like colonization is what allowed “La France libre” to exist and to become strong enough so as to win against Nazi Germany.

All in all, very enlightening book. I highly recommend it.