Never Split The Difference (2016), C. Voss

At times, it reads like a thriller. But this book really is about how human emotions work and about how to more deeply connect with people to reach certain goals.

One sentence that really stuck with me, and that I think sums up the book quite well, is this one:

With the style of negotiation taught in the book — an information-obsessed, empathic search for the best possible deal — you are trying to uncover value, period. Not to strong-arm or to humiliate.

I’ve always hated the cold phone calls from window sellers that try to get me to pay for something I don’t want. Reading about ways to more deeply understand your counterpart is both pleasing and enlightening.

And indeed, Chris is obsessed with information gathering. He also warns against agressive techniques. Instead, he recommends a large variety of gentle ways to find solutions, which supposedly translate into more value for everyone involved.

The frequent references to other authors, such as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Jeffrey J. Fox or Jim Camp, make for interesting further readings.