Reinventing Organizations (2014), F. Laloux

It’s difficult to sum up this book in only a few sentences. It is inspiring in many ways and although it clearly advocates for “Teal Organizations”, an organizational model without hierarchy, it seems very balanced, taking into account the many hurdles that one might encounter when trying to implement this system.

Furthermore, the Teal model is inherently complex, as it tries to overcome complexities of today’s multilateral, connected world. Where traditional companies care mostly about the bottom line, a Teal organization cares just as much about the finances as it cares about the well-being of employees and the purpose of the business.

What I take away from this book is all it says about trust. Trust is paramount to healthy life and healthy business. If you trust your partners and they trust you, only sky is the limit. No more terf battles, no more ego fights, only the will to work towards what the purpose of the company dictates.

What a great read !