My programming endeavors

Here is a list of notes I write down as a software engineer day to day. An inside look at some of the codebases I work on, if you will.


  1. Debugging timeouts on Heroku
  2. Errors in PHP-driven websites


  1. Pagination performance in Symfony
  2. Moving from AWS to Heroku
  3. The duality of /bin/sh
  4. Fearless composer updates
  5. Memory management with Symfony commands
  6. Learning about data science


  1. Endianness and the coin toss
  2. Rooster's "30 Days Of Tests"
  3. Dotfiles backup and restore
  4. Arch Linux, Luks and the Thinkpad W541
  5. x86-64 assembly from scratch
  6. Elf from scratch