Rooster 30 days of tests

Rooster 30 days of tests

I’m looking to improve test coverage for Rooster, a simple password manager for geeks I’ve been building with the help of the community.

Why add tests now

A few days ago, contributor Dmitry V. Roenko updated deprecated serialization code adds unit tests to his work. Oleg Yamnikov, another contributor behind the recent command improvements and the upcoming import command tells me he’d like to write tests as well.

Inspired by them, I challenge myself to write 1 test a day for the next 30 days with the hope that this makes testing fun and digestible, whilst revealing unnoticed bugs and making it easier to contribute code to Rooster.

Implemented tests

Here’s a list of tests I add during these 30 days:

Overall, it turns out to be both a fun experiment as well as a good way to improve the quality of Rooster.