👋 Hi there! I'm Conrad Kleinespel, a site reliability engineer from Nantes, France, specializing in creating practical tech solutions. With fluency in French, German, and English, I've spent 8 years tackling projects in software architecture, infrastructure as code, and distributed systems. My work focuses on devising systems that are not only technically robust, but also meet business needs effectively.

My experience spans DevOps, cloud computing with AWS and Azure, and full-stack development. I'm adept at using infra-as-code tools, open-source monitoring tools, various programming languages, cloud-native infrastructure and more. This experience allows me to deliver solutions that are reliable and tailored to the unique challenges and goals of each project.

I believe in teamwork and clear communication as the cornerstones of successful projects. My approach combines technical skill with a focus on collaboration and straightforward problem-solving. Let's chat about how I can support your project with a mix of technical skill and practical, down-to-earth insights.

Want to hire me? Shoot me an email at If you need more information, feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn profile. I'm also involved in a number of open-source projects and answering questions on StackOverflow.